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About Me

Hello..., i am Sahitya Upadhyay, born on 11th may 1991 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. love to make all you people smile through my pranks and short funny videos(Vines). I always try to give some unique 'quality content' to my audience and hopefully you're enjoying it. I am a civil engineer from Bhilai institue of technology, Raipur. The word 'Shady' in my social name is derived from an American rapper EMINEM also know as SLIM SHADY and it also has some notorious meanings like Suspicious, doubtful or tricky just like me. I am a non-believer too and that Red capital 'A' in my logo confirms that i am the illuminati.

My Interest

I love magic, used to perform it since my childhood, i know almost every single magic trick out there and now i have added it to my videos with some funny touch. I am also a football freak and a die-hard fan of FC barcelona and Argentina. 'Comedian by day and Gamer by night' is my rule of enjoying the life. FIFA(video game) and Snooker are my two favourite games which i never miss in free time. apart from all these i love to listen music all the time mainly American RAP and Hip Hop. i am very much into RAP music and possibly in near future i may produce some of my own Rap tracks.


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